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Weekly Summaries

Week 1

Introduction, importance of programming in the current world, EBNF Sequence, Option and Repetition.

Image by Chris Ried

Week 3

First Java programs and Introduction to Types and Variables, Introduction to Precondition and Postcondition.

Image by Gabriel Heinzer

Week 5

Advanced Branching with Loops. Weakest Precondition, Value Semantics, Reference Semantics and Immutable Objects.

Image by Peter Masełkowski

Week 7

More on Arrays and Introduction to Objects and their usage. Arrays class, Objects as Parameters and Return type.

Image by Markus Spiske

Week 9

Classes and their Constructors, Methods, Visibility of Attributes, Static vs. Non-Static and Class Coding conventions.

Image by Markus Spiske

Week 11

Inheritance, Sub- and Superclasses Selective Behaviour change for Subclasses. Polymorphism in Java.

Image by Shahadat Rahman

Week 13

Generic Programming, Wrapper Classes, ArrayList<T> and Comparison of Objects and Instances of Generic Classes.

Image by Markus Spiske

Week 15

Implementation of a Generic Type, Systematic Programming, Abstract Data Types and Invariants involving Objects.


Week 2

EBNF Recursion, Tables and Trees for EBNF Verification, Equivalence of EBNF rules, Java Introduction and Methods.

Image by Markus Spiske

Week 4

More on Precondition and Postcondition, Introduction to Branching with if / else Statements.

Image by Trevor Vannoy

Week 6

Input and Output with Scanner, PrintStream, Loop Invariants and an Introduction to Arrays in Java.

Image by Walkator

Week 8

Advanced Input and Output with Scanner and PrintStream. Files and how to work with them and GUI.

Image by Joan Gamell

Week 10

Working with Classes, More on Visibility, Encapsulation and Introduction to Inheritance in Java.

Image by Shahadat Rahman

Week 12

Interfaces and Inheritance, Exceptions in Java and how to handle them. Try-Catch Exception Handler.

Image by Shahadat Rahman

Week 14

Sets and Maps, Reverse Mapping and their Usage. Comparators and Iterators in Java and how to implement them.

Image by Markus Spiske


Exam Preparation, anything that might help for the exam and anything that was not mentioned before.

Image by Alexander Sinn
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